Accelerate Your Career-Building and Become a Content Marketer!"

This summit is PERFECT for  servicewomen, women veterans, military spouses, and passionate, creative women  who informally act in the role of managing projects without being a certified project manager. Aspiring entrepreneurs, content marketers, product managers who have been reluctant to identify as someone who has project management skills. Learn how to monetize your work experience, AND GET THE JOB (or the Project) You Deserve!

Dear small business owner, woman veteran, project coordinator, or creative woman who wants to become a IT Project Management Content Marketer, do you need a blueprint to monetize your skills, have self-doubt, uncertainty, and other limiting beliefs that may be preventing you from spreading your wings and soaring to new heights? Your breakthrough is closer than you think.

Join the "SOAR Out Loud: Empowering Women to Rise and Thrive" Creative Content Summit - an inspiring journey designed to help you understand the power of knowing the value of real life work experience and translating your soft skills into project management roles. Connect with a circle of supportive women from across the military and civilian community who understand your real-work experiences.

Gain proven techniques from industry leaders to transform self-limiting thoughts into fuel for your voice. Learn new processes and principles using a solid blueprint, and leave with practices that build unstoppable confidence that scales your message, personal brand, income, and possibly save your current job.

This is your opportunity to open up, rise above creative barriers, spread your wings, and soar as the leader and change-maker you were destined to be. Reserve your spot today and step into the empowerment you've been seeking.

This creative project management summit, hosted in the vibrant city of Galveston, TX, on the 9th - 12th of May 2024, is tailor-made for aspiring project managers, product managers, creatives, women veterans, servicewomen, military spouses, and women seeking to break free from the barriers of titles to explore the depths of their potential. This could be the beginning of your new project management career.

Unleash Your Potential As An Unofficial Project Manager: Learn How To Use Project Management Principles and Practices to ​GET THE JOB (or the Project) You Deserve!!

Embrace the Power of Your Voice

This summit is PERFECT for the servicewoman, woman veteran, and creative woman who knows she possesses valuable real life work experience and deserves to be paid for her skills, needs personal mentorship to identify and translating her soft skills into project management roles to work her full potential. Through a series of interactive workshops and insightful presentations, you will learn valuable techniques to overcome creative blocks and self-doubt, ultimately enabling you to embrace and cherish the power of your voice, paid your worth, and understand what steps you need to take toward starting a creative career.

Connect and Network with Like-Minded Women

In addition to the wealth of knowledge and inspiration you'll gain, the SHE VET™ Creative Content Summit offers a remarkable opportunity to connect and network with servicewomen, women veterans, spouses, and civilian women who are "unofficial project managers". Surround yourself with individuals who share your passion for filmmaking, writing, vlogging, artificial intelligence, and build meaningful connections that could last a lifetime. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, share your experiences, and support each other's journey as you all embark on a transformative path of growth.

Embrace Freedom in Your Creative Expression

Creativity knows no bounds, and at the SOAR Out Loud Content Summit, we encourage you to break free from constraints and explore the boundless possibilities of your creative expression. Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just starting, this summit caters to all levels of expertise. Unleash your imagination, experiment with diverse storytelling styles, and discover the freedom of self-expression without limitations. Unveil opportunities that can outwardly reward you with income.

Empowering Workshops and Interactive Sessions

Throughout the event, you will have the privilege of attending empowering workshops and interactive sessions, carefully curated to cover a wide range of creative writing styles. From poetry, journaling to blogging, and creating social content as a content marketer. Our sessions are designed to enrich your understanding of various writing concepts for creating content, and equip you with valuable insights to enhance your craft.

You'll learn about Artificial Inteligence (Ai), self-care, and how creating makes space for healing. It's time to move forward and design the life you want. This is only the beginning. So, join us for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, spiritual liberation, and creative mastery in the serene coastal paradise of Galveston, Texas. This immersive experience is designed to empower you, nurture your creativity, and guide you towards stepping into your greatness as a divine creative.

And, That's Not All...

To accelerate your journey toward creativity and financial success, we included a selection of complimentary BONUSES Worth Over $1,300 as extra resources...



Day 1: 3:00 PM- 9:30 PM

Thursday: Embrace the Calm - Afternoon at the Beach and Group Dinner/Reception

At the "SOAR Out Loud" summit, we believe that every woman possesses a unique voice that deserves to be heard. Our expert speakers and facilitators are dedicated to helping you unleash the full potential of your creativity and empowering you to share your stories with the world. Through a series of interactive workshops and insightful presentations, you will learn valuable techniques to overcome creative blocks and self-doubt, increasing your income, ultimately enabling you to embrace and cherish the power of your voice.

Day 2: 8:30 AM-10:00 PM

Friday: Ignite Your Creative Spark - Personal Development Workshops

Immerse yourself in personal development workshops tailored to ignite your creativity: Delve into the art of journaling, indulge in self-care, strategize your writing, create a haven for your story, and embrace the courage to create more content that will get you paid a content creators salary.

Day 3: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Saturday: Elevate Your Craft - Professional Development Sessions

Elevate your content with exclusive professional development sessions: Discover the secrets of storytelling, how to the master the art of storytelling for a living, unveil the magic of money-making blogging, and learn to turn your content into cash.

Day 4: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

Sunday: Embrace Your Creative Transformation - AM Sessions and Prayer Brunch

Wake up to a delightful morning fueled by new insights, connections, and creative energy. Conclude your extraordinary journey with a delectable prayer brunch, celebrating your metamorphosis as a inspiring unofficial project manager who understands the practices of managing teams, content, and your career.



Upgrade your experience to include an exclusive evening of dining with Sistah on the Seawall in a mastermind setting, one-on-one conversations to answer your specific questions, basking in creative possibilities and forming lasting connections. Learn marketing strategies that can boost your income and profit from passive revenue.

*Separate tickets are available on our website only.


Tour the downtown of Galveston by horse and carriage and experience the seafood, southern cuisine and hospitality near the pier, and the art district around the Port of Galveston. You'll make memories that will last forever.


Sunday, May 12, 2024 at 10 AM

Celebrate new life in Christ at a special baptism ceremony during the Soar Out Loud Content Creators Summit at Galveston Beach

We are thrilled to announce the opportunity for content creators to publicly declare, or renew their faith through baptism at this special event. As they take this important step in their spiritual journey, we hope you will join us in supporting them and welcoming them into the family of God.

* Must RSVP by April 15th, so we can plan accordingly. We hope you can make it to this memorable occasion!

Register Today for the

"SOAR Out Loud"

Creative Content Summit

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this transformative event that celebrates women's creativity and fosters a supportive community of writers. Mark your calendar. Seats for the "SOAR Out Loud" Creative Content Summit are limited, so be sure to secure your spot early to avoid disappointment.

Embrace your creative journey, unlock the power of your voice, and join us at the "SOAR Out Loud: Empowering Women to Rise and Thrive" Creative Content Summit in Galveston, TX May 9th - 12th 2024. Experience an event that will leave you inspired, empowered, and ready to take your content writing to soaring heights in marketing!

*Note: Galveston Island has everything you need. Once you arrive, you'll be within walking distance of many restaurants, amusements, transportation, grocery stores, and other hotels.


Register Before March 31st, and Receive Over $1300 in Bonuses to Jumpstart Your Journey!

General Admission

$249 / Event

Attend the entire 4 days (including the prayer brunch) basting in a delightful atmosphere of serenity, inspiration as you re-boot your creative mind, connect with your creative soul and meet like-minded women aspiring to encourage others.

VIP Experience

$497 / Exclusive

An exclusive evening as you dine with Sistah on the Seawall, basking in creative possibilities and forming lasting connections.

Prayer Brunch


Not attending the full summit?

Note: Prayer Brunch is included for all attendees. This is only for those who want to attend the breakfast separately.

Meet the Facilitators

Sistah’s, an Army veteran and the driving force behind the "SHE VET™ iNSPIRES" TV show." Celebrated with both the prestigious Bellringer Award and the 2023 Trailblazer Award from the Center for Women Veterans, her dedication to mentorship is evident.

Through her SOAR OUT Loud initiatives, she empowers women to become tech-savvy content creators, blending spirituality and media-tech. Whether guiding veterans, military spouses, or creative mavens, Sistah's methodology transforms lives by opening doors to new possibilities. She’s committed to ensure women harness their unique talents, not only shaping narratives but also crafting the futures they envision.  Sistah's endeavors are pivotal in reshaping destinies, as she bridges aspirations and reality for countless women.


Sistah Soldier

Minister, CEO of SHE VET™ Creative Network, Digital Storytelling Strategist, Executive Producer, Filmmaker, Author, Creative Recruiter, Retired Army Veteran, Center for Women Veterans 2023 Trailblazer

Fanny Minnitt, known as "The Faith and Inspirational Lady," is a best-selling author and award-winning radio and TV host on an international network. A dedicated veteran and retired educator, she also serves as a chaplain, uplifting many with her mantra, "Just Have Faith and Keep It Moving."

Her diverse roles all converge on a single mission: rekindling faith, bringing hope to the despondent, and guiding souls back to God's word. With her powerful voice and unwavering commitment, Fanny continues to be a beacon of light and inspiration for countless individuals.


Fanny Minnitt

Apostle, Founder of Fanny Minnitt Ministries, Author, Retired Education Specialist, Executive Producer, Army Veteran, Recipient of the 2023 Gospel Trailblazer Award

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Is travel included in the registration fee?

No, travel arrangements are the responsibility of each participant. You are required to arrange your own transportation to and from the event venue.

What is the dress code for the SOAR Out Loud Summit?

The dress code for the summit is business casual. However, feel free to dress comfortably and in layers, as meeting room temperatures may vary.

Will meals be provided during the SHE VET™ Creative SOAR Out Loud Summit?

Yes, breakfast and brunch will be provided on specific days of the summit. However, participants are responsible for their own lunches and dinners.

Does the SOAR Out Loud Summit registration fee cover hotel accommodations?

No, participants are responsible for booking and covering the cost of their room and hotel accommodations during the summit.

Will meals be provided during the SHE VET™ SOAR Out Loud Summit?

Yes, breakfast and brunch will be provided on specific days of the summit. However, participants are responsible for their own lunches and dinners.

Can I bring a guest to the SOAR Out Loud Summit evening events?

The evening events, such as the VIP Dinner and Group Dinner/Reception, are exclusive to registered participants only. Guest can purchase a separate ticket on our website (

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the summit?

Yes, the summit is open to participants who are 18 years or older.

What COVID-19 safety measures are in place?

The safety of our participants is our top priority. We will implement necessary health and safety protocols in accordance with local guidelines to ensure a secure environment during the summit. By all means, you are welcome to wear a mask if that makes you more comfortable.

Can I cancel or transfer my registration?

We do not offer refunds. However, cancellations are transferable. Please contact our team at 713-425-1962 if you need to transfer your registration. Transfers are available up to 10 days prior to the event.

Who is the SHE VET™ Creative "SOAR Out Loud Summit" for?

This is for women veterans, servicewomen, military spouses, creative women, and their daughters who want to be empowered by embracing their unique talents. It's for women who are "unofficial project managers." Someone informally acting in the role of guiding a project without holding the official title or pay of a project manager. 

Is this a Therapy Clinic or Therapy Retreat?

Although we know the power creativity has to allow freedom from stress, we are not declaring this retreat-style summit is therapeutic because neither the host nor the speakers are clinicians. Sistah Soldier is an ordained minister of the gospel. She and her guest live by biblical principles.

Participants Responsibility

By attending the SHE VET™ Creative "SOAR Out Loud Summit," participants agree to accept responsibility for their personal transformation and mental well-being without any expectations from the host or speakers.

Mailing Address:

2515 Termini Street

Unit 1201 Dickinson, TX. 77539t





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